Sacramento cops investigating deputy who struck grandmother at Stephon Clark protest and then drove away
Riot cops at the Stephon Clark rally in Sacramento/Screenshot

The Sacramento County sheriff's department and the California Highway Patrol will both investigate the incident in which a deputy hit a woman who was walking in the street during protesters over the killing of Stephon Clark.

On Saturday night, Wanda Cleveland, a grandmother and Sacramento activist was walking across the street when the vehicle clipped her. She told the Sacramento Bee she was moving across the street as fast as she could, but that arthritis slowed her down.

The deputy did not stop, she said, and instead left the scene.

"He never even stopped. It was a hit and run. If I did that I’d be charged," Cleveland told the Sacramento Bee. "It's disregard for human life."

The sheriff's statement said that "vandals in the crowd" caused "scratches." "dents," and broke out the rear window of the deputy's car, which is why they fled. But the sheriff also noted that there will be an investigation by the department and by the CHP.

You can watch a short clip of the incident below.

[caption id="attachment_1246958" align="alignnone" width="551"] The incident in Sacramento/Gif clip[/caption]