Sanders refuses to knock down Michael Cohen pardon: 'We aren't going to talk about hypotheticals that don't exist'
Sarah Sanders appears on Fox News (screen grab)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Monday declined to say President Donald Trump will not pardon his attorney, Michael Cohen, who is reportedly being investigated by federal prosecutors in New York.

During a Monday morning press gaggle, Sanders was asked about a potential pardon for Cohen, who has been called president's "fixer" for authoring non-disclosure agreements with women who allegedly had affairs with Trump.

“I don’t think that we are going to talk about hypotheticals that don’t exist right now," Sanders said, according to CNN's Kaitlan Collins.

Sanders also downplayed reports that Cohen could "flip" on Trump.

"I don't think the president has anything to hide. He's been quite clear on that," Sanders said.

Sanders has scheduled an on-camera briefing at the White House for 2 p.m. ET on Monday.