‘Sean Hannity made all the guests on his show look like fools’: GOP ethics lawyer slams Fox News
Prof. Richard Painter was the chief White House ethics lawyer.

Former chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter slammed Fox News personality Sean Hannity for making his guests look like "fools" by failing to disclose the nature of his relationship with Donald Trump counselor Michael Cohen.

Professor Richard Painter was the chief ethics lawyer for the George W. Bush White House and is a Republican candidate for United States Senate in the state of Minnesota.

"Let's talk about Michael Cohen and Sean Hannity and the connections that become clearer and clearer," MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi noted. "It's just a messy scene. Wow does a guy like you make sense of it?"

"There's an attorney-client privilege, if people seek legal advice from an attorney, but there's no such thing as a fixer-client privilege," Painter explained. "And Michael Cohen is acting as a fixer when he distributes these payments to porn stars and various other people as hush money in return for them to keep quiet about people's personal's affairs."

"I don't know about Sean Hannity's deal, and whether something needed to be fixed or not for him," he continued. "But there's no privilege here."

"What's going on, Sean Hannity brought Alan Dershowitz and some other people just make fools of themselves on Hannity's show," Painter argued. "It certainly wasn't legal advice that's being rendered when an attorney pays $130,000 to a porn star to keep her mouth shut and there's no violation of the privilege there at all."

"The FBI has a right to this information and Sean Hannity, he's just made all of the guests on his show look like fools, because of course while he's supposedly covering it in a fair and balanced manner, he's getting legal advice or, well, maybe some fixing from the same attorney," he concluded.