‘Their silence is deafening’: Seth Meyers slams GOP for keeping quiet while ‘wannabe autocrat’ Trump runs amok
"Late Night" host Seth Meyers

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Wednesday piled on Donald Trump and the Republican Party over the president’s plan to send troops to the southern border and his relentless attacks on Amazon.

Playing a clip of Trump stumbling over the word “militarily” while discussing the U.S. border with Mexico, Meyers wondered if the president just said a word or if “your teeth tried to escape your mouth again.”

“Trump is less articulate than a seven-year-old in the back of his mom’s sedan after dental surgery,” Meyers joked. “Is this real life?”

Meyers later turned to Republicans’ attacks on former President Barack Obama, who the GOP summarily accused of picking “winners and losers” in the economy. After dismantling the president’s attacks on Amazon and founder Jeff Bezos, the host lit into their hypocrisy.

“For years, Republicans spun a wild fantasy about an imperial president interfering in the free market place by picking winners and losers, and now they’ve got a president who’s actually doing that, and their silence is deafening,” Meyers said.

“Trump is a wanna autocrat who thinks he can rule unilaterally, whether it’s on the border, economically or militarily,” Meyers joked.

Watch the video below: