Sloppy email practices put Trump White House at risk to hackers
US President Donald Trump. (AFP/File / Nicholas Kamm)

If you get an email claiming to come from the White House, better double-check its authenticity.

The email system in Trump's White House is not following protocols established by the Department of Homeland Security and is at risk for hackers who could generate fake messages and spoof government addresses, Axios reports.

The information came from an advocacy group called Global Cyber Alliance, which tested the system to make sure that it had implemented a security protocol called DMARC, which allows an email provider to request that another server verify the identity of the sender. That process allows a server to bust fake servers.

Because of the risks, in October, DHS issued an order for federal agencies to begin using DMARC within three months. Today, 18 of the 26 have not complied.