Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti predicts Trump lawyer Michael Cohen will plead the fifth
Michael Avenatti (NBC News)

In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Stormy Daniels lawyer, Michael Avenatti said that Michael Cohen may be very close to pleading the fifth.

Avenatti said: "Well, I think Michael Cohen's going to file a declaration admitting now that it's his intention to plead the fifth amendment against self-incrimination. This is the right-hand of the president of the United States. The right-hand lawyer, and then we're going to file a response and I think the judge is going to make a determination as to whether the case gets stayed. I do not think the case will ultimately be stayed. I think the court may make some accommodations with the intention to plead the fifth, but I think we're going to march forward at full speed."

Cohen has until Wednesday to explain himself to a judge in California. Avenatti said the evidence will show Cohen has not been truthful to the American people. A judge also said that the Cohen case has had "gaping holes in it."

Avenatti continued: "It would show that Michael Cohen lied to the American people when he called my client a liar and effectively stated that the affair didn't happen, so we would win our defamation claim as well."

He also mentioned that his team is very close to identifying the sketch of man who attacked Stormy Daniels in a parking lot.

"We are getting very close, we're going to be really careful before we announce who the positive identification is or whether we've actually done that. We're going to cross every "t" and dot every "i." It's a serious matter, but I think we are getting close."

Watch his full interview below: