Stormy Daniels lawyer trolls Trump after president breaks his silence on Cohen's hush money
Attorney Michael Avenatti speaks on CNN (Screen cap).

After President Donald Trump sounded off to the White House press corps about adult film star Stormy Daniels, her attorney took a shot in response.

"We very much look forward to testing the truthfulness of Mr. Trump's feigned lack of knowledge concerning the $130k payment as stated on Air Force One," Michael Avenatti tweeted Thursday. "As history teaches us, it is one thing to deceive the press and quite another to do so under oath. #searchforthetruth #basta"

He went on to say that there are great things to come.

"Good (actually GREAT) things come to those who wait!!! The strength of our case just went up exponentially. You can't have an agreement when one party claims to know nothing about it. #nodiscipline #thanksforplaying #basta" he tweeted.