Texas mom furious after special needs son was ignored while buying prom tux at Men's Wearhouse
Cynthia Garcia and her son Jimmy (Photo: Screen capture)

Texas mom Cynthia Garcia has spent the first 18 years of her son's life trying to ensure her son Jimmy is treated like everyone else.

When it came time for Jimmy's senior prom, the two set out for the Men's Wearhouse in Pasadena. She recalled being excited as they sat in the parking lot. However, that joy and anticipation turned into heartbreak, KHOU reported.

“He doesn’t talk. He is nonverbal and he’s not able to walk," she explained. “Yes, he’s different but he’s normal his own way,” said Cynthia Garcia. “His smile says a lot about him.”

The nearly two-hour experience proved difficult as the young man with developmental delays was "looked at differently." Garcia said that when they left she felt "very broken and emotional."

When they arrived at the store, the family checked Jimmy in.

“Then my husband wheeled him around the rack and he [the salesman] kind of just took a glance. But the glance wasn’t like, ‘I’m going to come back to help you’, it was like, ‘oh my God.’”

They were told to wait. After an hour, Garcia grew frustrated. Eventually, the store manager put Jimmy into a dressing room, but never returned to help or offer any fittings or measurements.

The family left without Jimmy's prom tuxedo.

The store manager told KHOU that the wait time is often an hour and a half, so their wait wasn't unusual. Garcia didn't buy it. She and her family witnessed some coming in and out in 15 or 20 minutes. She also saw those that arrived after her family be fitted for their tuxedos and leave while they waited.

Their offices are offering the family a $100 voucher for their trouble and an apology, but Garcia isn't satisfied.

“I want to know that that store manager, is talked to. I want to know that those employees are trained the right way. He’s a person just like everybody else,” Garcia said.

"We are very sorry if Mr. Garcia did not receive the level of service we try to provide and that he deserves to receive," said Men's Wearhouse parent company Tailored Brands in a statement emailed to Raw Story. "Prom is one our busiest seasons and wait times can be long this time of year but we are working on ways to improve the experience for all our customers. Men’s Wearhouse prides itself on providing world-class customer service to everyone and our values are based on the premise that diversity and inclusion make us stronger. We train our employees to treat all of our customers with respect and we have reached out to Mr. Garcia and his Mom to help them make an appointment for a fitting so we can get them taken care of as quickly as possible."

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