The View’s Meghan McCain defends Trump’s porn star payout by comparing him to the founding fathers
Trump supporter Meghan McCain on The View/Screenshot

The office and residences of Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen were raided Monday, as investigators probe possible illegal behavior including possible illegal campaign donations.

But Trump defender Meghan McCain and other Republicans are seeking to spin this topic into morality—so as to excuse the president's immoral behavior.

"In 1791, Alexander Hamilton paid off his mistress' husband," she said. "Paying off mistresses has been going on since literally the birth of our Democracy."

The View's Sonny Hostin put things into perspective, by focusing the issue on the possible illegal behavior.

"I am such a traditionalist, as many people know, and I am so offended by these allegations of love child, and sleeping with a porn star when your wife just had a baby—and people should care about it," she said. "But people should also care that these may be illegal campaign contributions used to conceal these affairs so as to influence the outcome of the election, because if people know about all of this stuff maybe they wouldn't have voted for him."

McCain quickly derailed the conversation by turning it back to morality so she could defend Trump's affair with a porn star months after his wife gave birth to their son.

"I'm not surprised by this? Who's surprised by this? The idea that he possibly impregnated someone, slept with a million women—we know this about President Trump," McCain said.