Trump brags of winning North Korea negotiations that have not happened yet while bashing 'Failing New York Times' headline on Twitter
Donald Trump yelling during the 2016 Republican National Convention/Screenshot

President Donald Trump appears to consider his upcoming negotiations with North Korea to be a success.

The president tweeted about a New York Times headline Sunday night, which said that North Korea would give up its weapons if the U.S. promised not to invade, and then added on that the hermit kingdom will "shut down Nuclear Test Site in May."

"Headline: “Kim Prepared to Cede Nuclear Weapons if U.S. Pledges Not to Invade” - from the Failing New York Times. Also, will shut down Nuclear Test Site in May," he tweeted.

This follows up on Trump's supporters chanting "No-bel, No-bel" at his Michigan rally on Saturday night, referencing the Peace prize that they believe is owed Trump for denuclearizing "Little Rocket Man."

The negotiations have not yet happened, but Trump has said he is not shy about declaring "Mission Accomplished."