President Donald Trump on Thursday went on a long, whiny rant on "Fox & Friends" after being asked about the withdrawal of his nominee for the secretary of Veterans Affairs.

When asked about VA secretary pick Ronny Jackson withdrawing his name from consideration, Trump angrily lashed out at Senate Democrats for allegedly obstructing all his nominees.

Among other things, Trump complained that "top of the line people" in the United States were "giving up their jobs" to come work for him, only to run into roadblocks by Senate Democrats.

Later in the interview, Trump seemed to throw his own lawyer Michael Cohen under the bus by distancing himself from his private business practices. Trump acknowledged that Cohen served as his attorney on some occasions but said his primary means of making money was through his own businesses.

"I have nothing to do with his business," Trump said, although he insisted that he didn't believe Cohen didn't do anything wrong. Trump also said that he had multiple lawyers working for him and that Cohen only performed a "tiny fraction" of the legal work done on his behalf.

When asked by Fox hosts why Cohen pleaded the fifth if he wasn't guilty of any crimes, Trump blamed Cohen's lawyers.

"He's got other things, he's got businesses," he said. "His lawyers probably told him to do that. I've been told I'm not involved."

Additionally, Trump also attacked former FBI Director James Comey once again and accused him of breaking the law.

"He is guilty of crimes!" Trump fumed.

Trump also claimed that Comey lied in his memos when he said Trump told him that he never stayed overnight in Russia during his trip to Moscow in the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.

"Of course I stayed in Russia overnight!" Trump said.

Watch Trump talk about Cohen's situation on "Fox & Friends" below.