Trump-obsessed mosque shooter said he wished he'd killed more people during his attack
Alexandre Bissonnette (Facebook)

A man who shot and killed six Muslims in a Quebec mosque in January 2017 told a court-appointed social worker that he wished he'd shot more people during the attack.

The Montreal Gazzette reported Monday that shooter Alexandre Bissonnette in September 2017 refuted his initial claim that he was unaware of his actions when he entered Quebec City's Islamic Cultural Center and killed six people.

According to social worker Guylaine Cayouette, who recounted the meeting with Bissonnette during his Monday sentencing hearing, the shooter claimed he "wasn’t targeting Muslims," and that he was instead seeking "glory."

“I regret not having shot more people," the shooter told the social worker, who described him as calm and coherent. "The victims are in heaven and I’m living in hell.”

Earlier in the day, prosecutors revealed searches from Bissonnette's computer that "indicated the Quebec mosque shooter was obsessed with U.S. President Donald Trump, Muslims, Dylann Roof, mass shootings and feminists," the Gazzette noted. The Canadian National Observer reported that the shooter searched for Trump more than 800 times before the massacre he committed just over a week after the American president's inauguration

Prosecutors also introduced evidence showing that the shooter checked Trump's Twitter feed daily and regularly consumed news about the American president.