Trump is still the least popular president of all time according to Nate Silver
Donald Trump (NBC/Screenshot)

Allies of Donald Trump have increasingly been pushing back on stories of his intense unpopularity.

Trump is falsely claiming that his approval rating is higher than Obama's and Fox is thumping his seven-point increase in the past month. Even liberal outlets like New York magazine are reporting that Trump's numbers are "on the rise."

But Trump is benefitting from low expectations. Because he's still the least popular president of all-time according to numbers tracked by data maven Nate Silver.

On Silver's site FiveThirtyEight, you can see interactive graphs which track Trump's approval rating against every president who's served since the advent of modern polling. Currently, 53% of Americans disapprove of Trump, compared to just 40% who approve.

Those stats are drawn from several weighted polls and show that Trump has had a lower approval than any president, ever.

The only times Trump has been more popular than past presidents are during the first week of the George W. Bush presidency, 13 days in the middle of Bill Clinton's first term and several months of Ford's term in which the two anti-intellectual and scandal-ridden Republican's numbers cross-cross often. In fact, Trump's numbers track very closely to Ford's numbers in the middle of his term.

Richard Nixon was never as unpopular as Trump is right now.