Trump could survive firing Rosenstein or Mueller because of Fox News: Washington Post columnist
Fox News host Sean Hannity. Image via screengrab.

Richard Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" was the beginning of the end of his presidency, as Republicans rebelled against the president over his attempt to cover up the Watergate break-in by ordering the dismissal of the special prosecutor investigating him.

Would the same thing happen with Trump? Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan doesn't think so, and says Fox News is the main reason.

"The pro-Trump media, led by Fox, would give cover, and huge swaths of Americans would be encouraged to believe that the action was not only justified but absolutely necessary," she writes. "You can see it coming."

Sullivan points out that Trump's biggest defender, Sean Hannity, has been pushing the idea for months and that it's landed with Republicans, a majority of whom now believe the Justice Department and the FBI are actively working to undermine Trump.

"Millions of Americas might take to the streets, but just as many would be nodding their approval from their living rooms, with Fox and its ratings star Hannity leading the applause," she writes. "In the Fox News era, the nation that turned against Nixon’s corrupt rejection of the rule of law may not even exist anymore."

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