Trump uses his personal cell phone so he can call outside advisers without John Kelly knowing: report
Donald Trump on the phone in Air Force One (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

President Donald Trump has recently taken to using his personal cell phone to contact advisers outside of the White House — all so his chief of staff John Kelly can't listen in or see a list of the people he's speaking with.

CNN reported Monday that according to sources inside the Trump administration, the president is using his personal cell phone and not the White House switchboard because "he doesn't want Kelly to know who he's talking to."

Early in Kelly's tenure as chief of staff, it was common practice for him to either listen in on Trump's calls using the White House phone or to check the printout of the president's phone use. Amid reports of growing tensions between the two men, in which the president has aimed to circumvent his chief of staff, Kelly has been increasingly left out of the loop.