Trump's former lawyer is almost certain Michael Cohen is being investigated for bank fraud
Former Donald Trump attorney Jay Goldberg on MSNBC.

MSNBC's The Beat with Ari Melber reported on Thursday that President Donald Trump's former long-time attorney Jay Goldberg believes his successor, Michael Cohen, has exposed himself to federal criminal charges.

"Cohen is not alone in thinking that there may be legal exposure," Melber reported. "I have something new for you -- that we're reporting now for the first time -- the lawyer who was his predecessor, who spent 15 years as the exclusive litigator for Donald Trump, his personal attorney, agrees."

"I asked him about Michael Cohen," Melber noted. "He believes that Mueller's deputy, Andrew Weissman, is pursuing a bank fraud case here."

"What they did here, is probably Weissman thought that the money that Cohen had was secured from a bank through a loan in which he represented he was using it for a different purpose," Goldberg argued. "Now that would be bank fraud, that's the darling of the prosecutor's nursery."