'Utterly bass-ackwards': CNN's John Avlon pummels Trump for governing based on Fox News segments
CNN's John Avlon (Screen cap).

CNN political analyst John Avlon on Thursday slammed President Donald Trump for seemingly making impulsive decisions on national policy based solely on things he watched on "Fox & Friends."

After host Alisyn Camerota noted that Trump first started tweeting about immigrant "caravans" shortly after "Fox & Friends" did a weekend segment about them, Avlon mocked the president for crafting policy while "couch surfing."

"It is utterly bass-ackwards in terms of the way policy is supposed to work," Avlon said. "The President of the United States doesn't need to be couch surfing -- getting the appearance of an insight then governing by impulse. He has access to the world's leading experts and information."

The New York Times' David Sanger similarly said Trump's policy process is unlike anything he's seen from any White House.

"You don't do it in response to something you heard on TV, or something you heard anecdotally over dinner," he said. "That's fundamentally the issue with this White House -- they're not terribly data driven, which then leads to consistent policy. They're driven by what the president has heard, then he makes a pronouncement, and then the policy makers scramble to make a policy that gives some rationality to something he's just heard."

Watch the video below.