Virginia school bus driver slurs 11-year-old with the N-word -- and the school won't tell his mom if it disciplined her
Dennot Mirjah, the boy who was called the n-word by a school bus driver/Screenshot

An 11-year-old black boy in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, says a white female bus driver called him the n-word. His family's efforts to have the incident investigated and the bus driver disciplined have been stonewalled, reports WTVR.

The child, Dennot Mirjah, was on a field trip when his friends, all of whom are white, heard the bus driver direct the word at him in a sentence.

"When I got off the bus, they said this, 'Dennot, the bus driver called you the N word.'"

“I said ‘she did?!”and they said 'yeah' and so that's when I told my mama,” Mirjah said.

Mrs. Mirjah told her son's teacher, who she said called the principal and then the School Board office.

It's unclear what happened next. The School Board office told Mirjah that the situation "had been handled" but told her they could not disclose the outcome due to it being "a personnel matter."

She wants answers.

"You hurt an 11 year old’s feelings, that's going to stick with him the rest of his life," she told the TV station.