'A virtual White House intern': John Kelly's steep fall inside Trump's West Wing
John Kelly gives a press conference/Screenshot

When John Kelly started at the White House, there was talk of imposing "military discipline" on Trump and the West Wing.

That didn't happen, according to a new report in the Washington Post.

"The story covers a number of incidents with the steepest decline in his standing coming after Kelly told Fox News that Trump’s immigration views were not “fully informed” during the campaign and had “evolved.”

"The president berated Kelly in the Oval Office — his shouts so loud they could be heard through the doors," according to the story.

Rather than commanding the troops, Kelly is mistrusted and disliked—and may have an enemy who can be more dangerous than the president himself.

"And he has lost the trust and support of some of the staff, as well as angered first lady Melania Trump, who officials said was upset over his sudden dismissal of Johnny McEntee, the president’s 27-year-old personal aide."

There are few things worse than being an impotent chief of staff, said Leon Panetta, who held that position under Bill Clinton.

“When you lose that power,” Panetta said, “you become a virtual White House intern, being told where to go and what to do.”