Watch: Al Gore tells Van Jones 'our democracy was hacked before Vladimir Putin'
All Gore on Van Jones show on CNN/Screenshot

Al Gore sat down with Van Jones on Saturday night for a wide-ranging interview that touched issues from Russia to Scott Pruitt.

But the questions that got him most excited were campaign financing. Gore sounded a little like an egghead Bernie Sanders—decrying money in politics and rising inequality.

"The Democratic party as a whole got a little big trapped into this money raising-cycle that came with television ads being the coin of the realm," he said. "I thought the Clinton-Gore administration did a really good job, but I thought by the end of that decade we really needed attention to give power back, to deal with the rising inequality we have been seeing with the globalization of the employment marketplace, downward pressure on wages and the capture of policy by elites that have given so much money to elites."

At that point, Jones pointed out that Gore sounded like Bernie.

"I think people are sick to death of the dominance by big money of our democracy," he said. "Our democracy was hacked before Vladimir Putin hacked it—it was hacked by big money, and they have acquired a degree of control over our lives.

Gore said that he thought the internet would help solve the problem, "but then the Russians took it over."

Watch below.