'Get a room': CNN panel roasts Trump's 'weird' PDA-laden meeting with French president Macron
Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump AFP / Ludovic MARIN

A group of CNN analyst appeared on CNN's Wolf Blitzer to discuss President Trump's meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

The world leaders were overly friendly with each other. "It's more like a love-fest," political journalist Rebecca Berg said.  "I want them to get a room. It's a little too much PDA."

Berg mentioned that their relationship speaks volumes and highlights that Trump is attempting to play nice with American allies.

Berg also mentioned that Macron played into Trump's weakness. "Macron knows that praise works well with this president and he showered him with it," she said.

Lawyer Jeffrey Toobin said the entire interaction was downright weird, and that Trump was overcompensating when he briefly brushed off Macron's dandruff off of his shirt.

"That was a little alpha dog move," Toobin said. "Who wants to have their dandruff pointed out on national television, international television? I thought it was weird. I thought it was weird."

However, Gloria Borger, political columnist, called the bluff on the entire interaction.  "This is choreographed," Borger said.

Watch the full clip below!