Watch: Drive-by video shows Texas cop beating a man pinned to the ground
Forth Worth police beat a man during an arrest, in an incident captured by someone driving by/Screenshot

A new video shows a Fort Worth cop repeatedly punching a man he and his partner have pinned on the ground.

The video, shot by someone who happened to be driving by while the cops were delivering the beating, was uploaded by a group called the Next Generation Action Network.

The beating took place outside an apartment complex on the east side of Fort Worth.

The incident started with the fire department showing up at the apartment complex. They called police who approached the man. He ran away from them and got three blocks before they caught him and started trying to cuff him.

"What the video does not depict is that it took three officers and one supervisor to effectively place the resisting subject into handcuffs, a struggle that lasted 4.5 minutes," police said in a written statement Sunday given to the Dallas News.

Fort Worth cops have been involved in a rash of questionable incidents lately. Earlier this month, an officer named officer Jon Preston Romer Jr. was indicted for lying about a beating he gave a black man, which followed the officer using a racial insult.

Romer had previously killed another black man who he claimed tried to roll up his car window with the officer's arm inside. That shooting happened with the man's three young children in the back seat.