WATCH: Fox News host accuses Trump of ‘subservience’ to Russia by delaying attack on Syria
Fox News personality Leland Vittert.

President Donald Trump appears "subservient" to Russia, Fox News anchor Leland Vittert concluded during a Saturday interview of Milwaukee talk radio host Dan O'Donnell.

The scrutiny came after O'Donnell said America's top priority in Syria was to not anger Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We have to walk the line, we don't want to provoke World War III with Russia and its allies and destroying a lot of Russian defense personnel or anything like that," O'Donnell argued. "The last thing that we want is to get a system of entangling alliance like in World War I."

"Whoa, but hold on," Vittert interrupted.

"Is the last thing we want, to send a strong message and actually poke the bear or is the last thing we want to be seen as being subservient to whatever Russia tells us we can and can't do?" he asked. "Which one is worse?"

"I don't think this is seen as subservient to Russia, remember we killed how many hundred Russian forces a couple of weeks ago," O'Donnell answered.

"Hold on, hold on, a Russian general basically said, if you endanger any Russian troops or Russian assets, then we'll retaliate, otherwise we won't," he noted. "So you can read that, essentially, as go ahead and hit anything you want as long as it's not Russian."

"That sounds pretty subservient," Vittert concluded. "That kind of sounds like tip-toeing around the Russians."