WATCH: Fox’s Lou Dobbs melts down while calling for Trump to fire Rosenstein and Mueller
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs (Fox News/screen grab)

It only took Fox Business host Lou Dobbs a few hours after news broke that the FBI had raided the residence and office of Trump attorney Michael Cohen to pin the blame on the Justice Department and call for the president to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

Speaking with Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, Dobbs claimed that the raid is "an absolutely abhorrent breach of what law and order is supposed to stand for." The analyst agreed — and said that those responsible should be punished.

"The attorney general is incompetent, the FBI is corrupt and Robert Mueller and [Deputy AG] Rod Rosenstein are unethical and abusive of the legal process," Jarrett said. "All of them deserve to be fired."

"Not that I'm suggesting the president should do it," the Fox News analyst said, "because there would be a political fallout from that."

Dobbs then charged Mueller with "charging through referral to the U.S. attorney" in an attempt to "take on the president's personal attorney." The host did not mention that the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, which reportedly issued the warrant for the raid, is led by a Republican appointed by Trump himself after the president fired the office's former leader, Preet Bharara.

Watch below: