WATCH: GOP teacher opens a can of whoop ass on Oklahoma legislators during statehouse funding protest
An Oklahoma Republican who works as a teacher and who joined protests at the statehouse/Screenshot

Thousands of teachers besieged the Oklahoma statehouse today to demand sufficient funding for schools.

Among them was Ray, a fifth-grader teacher in Oklahoma went to the statehouse where he opened a can of whoop ass on state legislators.

The man has worked second jobs at Subway and the Dollar Tree, he says, which is absurd given his level of education.

"There's something wrong when you have a Master's Degree and you're ringing a cash register to help put your kid through college and pay for things like scouting," he said.

And while the Republican-controlled state legislature says they are just trying to balance needs, he sees something more sinister.

"We've got money to fix this," he said. "And, remember, this is the same legislature that's found money to give themselves several raises over the last few years, but they're trying to tell us they can't put a textbook in every kid's hand? We're not buying it, m'am."

The man indicated that he would remain a loyal Republican—but that he wanted new leadership.

"If they put an 'R' on a fence post and run it against one of these ones who don't fix this funding I will vote for the fence post," he said.

Watch below.

MSNBC_04-03-2018_15.57.27 from Martin Cizmar on Vimeo.