WATCH: Gun nuts are shooting their $300 Yeti coolers after the company cut ties with the NRA
A Yeti cooler after being shot (Screen cap).

Yeti manufactures rugged outdoor coolers that are normally quite pricey, as a single Yeti cooler costs between $250 and $350.

Although traditionally loved by hunters, Yeti this past weekend angered many of its own gun-toting customers when it cut ties with the National Rifle Association.

The howls of protests from NRA members included outraged gun owners filming themselves defacing and even shooting their Yeti coolers.

Below are some of the videos of people destroying their expensive coolers.

This video shows a Yeti cooler rigged with a Tannerite target that's designed to explode upon being shot. As you will see in the video, the cooler does not survive the explosion.

This video also shows the destruction of a Yeti cooler, although it doesn't have the same closeup shots of the first video.

This video shows a man crushing his Yeti tumbler in a vise.

While this video shows a Yeti tumbler getting gunned down by a Glock 19.

The owner of this Yeti cooler apparently didn't have the heart to shoot it, so he only took a knife and used it to remove the Yeti brand sticker -- and took a marker and wrote "NRA" over in its place.

And this NRA fan took a knife to the Yeti label on his hunting hat in an act of protest against the company.