WATCH: Mike Myers' Dr. Evil returns -- and he says he just got fired from the Trump White House
Mike Meyers as Dr. Evil on Jimmy Fallon (Screen cap).

Mike Myers' beloved movie villain Dr. Evil made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night -- and he revealed that he had just been fired from a job at the Trump White House.

Fallon started by asking Dr. Evil what his job at the White House was, and the "Austin Powers" character said he was initially going to be the "Secretary of Evil" before losing out on the job to Steve Bannon.

He then said that he settled into a role as an "ideas" person and took credit for some of President Donald Trump's most sinister ideas, including building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and a "Space Force" military unit.

Along the way, Dr. Evil also took shots at Ben Carson ("We're both evil doctors who have no idea why we're there") and Donald Trump Jr. ("He looks like he's missing a facial feature you just don't know which one").

Watch the video below.