Watch: Sacramento deputy hits protester at Stephon Clark rally
A female protester is taken away on a stretcher after being hit by a sheriff's deputy's car/Screenshot

A protestor has reportedly been hit by a law enforcement officer's car in Sacramento, where people are rallying in the wake of the killing of Stephon Clark, who police shot in his grandmother's backyard because they thought his cell phone was a gun.

Buzzfeed's Blake Montgomery reported on the incident via Twitter.

In his dark and blurry footage, you can see a chaotic scene that appears to show a sheriff's vehicle strike a protester who walked in front of the vehicle, and then an observer scream "oh my God."

In a second clip, firemen load a stretcher into an ambulance. The victim is apparently a woman.

"The father says the woman was standing in front of the vehicle as protesters tried to break out the windows of the sheriffs Deputy’s vehicle," says Sacramento reporter Bob Moffitt of Capital Public Radio News.

You can watch videos of the incident and aftermath below.