White House is preparing talking points to discredit Rod Rosenstein in case Trump decides to fire him
Rod Rosenstein (Photo: Screen capture)

Wednesday evening it was revealed that former White House senior aide Steve Bannon has been preparing a press war against special counsel Robert Mueller and urging President Donald Trump to fire Rod Rosenstein as well.

The White House doesn't anticipate that Trump would do it, but they're now preparing talking points on the chance that he does.

"We are learning that the White House is preparing talking points to discredit Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein," CNN's Jake Tapper broke the story.

CNN's Sara Murray explained to Tapper that they haven't seen the talking points but the White House is continuing to craft them.

"It seems like the White House appears to be laying the groundwork that if the president decides to fire his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein," she said. "We know is something he's been considering in recent days they could have made the case or have had their surrogates make that the case that the officials in the White House spoke on the allies saying that they believe Rosenstein is conflicted coming to overseeing the Russia investigation, he was a witness to the [James] Comey firing because he helped prepare a memo that President Trump said he relied on in deciding to fire James Comey."

She noted that some inside the White House believe that Rosenstein and Comey are friends and it's a reason to question his motives.

Rosenstein met with Trump Thursday for a meeting and this revelation came after that meeting.

Watch Murray and Tapper discuss below: