Yet another US military helicopter crashed this week -- and people are wondering what's going on
An AH-64E Apache/Courtesy of the U.S. Army

Another US military helicopter crashed on Friday night, this one at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, reports.

The crash of an AH-64E Apache killed two.

This marks the fourth copter crash involving US military aircraft in just one week, and the sixth military crash since March 14. Five people have died in this week's crashes. Sixteen have been killed since March 14.

This incident happened on what Stars & Stripes called a "routine training mission."

After the first three crashes, a Pentagon officials would not call the crashes "a trend."

"I would reject 'wave' and 'crisis,'" Marine Lt. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr. said "We're are going to look at each one in turn. Each one is tragic. We regret each one. We will look at them carefully. I am certainly not prepared to say that it's a 'wave' of mishaps or some form of 'crisis.'"

After yet another crash, people are wondering what's going on—including some #MAGA types.