'You're going to lose your voice': Fox hosts try to calm Ed Henry after he loses it over comedian Michelle Wolf
Ed Henry appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News contributor Ed Henry on Sunday said he was disgusted by at the White House Correspondents Association because comedian Michelle Wolf mistreated White House staffers at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Henry said that he was outraged by jokes about White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

"What happened to Sarah Sanders last night was disgusting, and I say that as former president of the White House Correspondents Association, who oversaw that dinner in 2013," Henry complained. "It was awful."

Henry called on the association to apologize to Sanders for Wolf's "disgusting" and "vile" performance.

"Dare I say, if this had happened to a woman that was serving as spokesperson for Hillary Clinton as president, there would have been an uproar, an outrage, and rightly so," he said. "To go after her physical appearance, to say some of the things -- it obviously is so far beyond the line that I hope and pray the association apologizes to Sarah Sanders."

Later in the interview, Henry became further enraged about the event.

"We invited her to our event and we treated her like dirt!" he exclaimed. "It was disgusting. I'm actually getting more angry just thinking about it."

"Ed, you're going to lose your voice," Fox host Abby Huntsman warned. "Calm down."

Watch the video below from Fox & Friends.