This atheist went off after a preacher accused scientists of lying about the sun
Matt Powell preaching

Matt Powell, a young pastor, preached that evolution is not real and that scientists are seeking to hide information.

However, Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist blog caught wind of his sermon and quickly disputed his claims.

Powell said: "And isn’t it amazing that all scientists will say is 'oh yeah, the sun is burning up 250 tons a second.' They’re like little magicians, you know? You got to bring out the big numbers, try to be impressive, you know?… Even though it’s kind of illogical."

However, these statements did not sit well with members of the science community.

Mehta said:

"This idea that a million years ago the sun would’ve been so big that our planet couldn’t have existed? Where is that coming from? Our planet was around a million years ago. It was around a billion years ago, too. The sun didn’t eat it up. The idea that scientists know this and are covering it up is an absurd conspiracy theory."

He said Powell's assertions and facts on science are completely off, and that some information the preacher should have learned in the first grade.

"The moon isn’t a source of light at all. It merely reflects light from the Sun. The rest of us learned this in the first grade."

He hopes that everyone outside the science community stops talking about topics they know little about.

"If you don’t understand science don’t trash science because you’ll only come away looking like a moron."

Watch Powell's full sermon below.