'Beyond repugnant': Internet demands ABC fire 'disgusting' Roseanne Barr after her 'virulently racist' tweet
Roseanne Barr on Wendy Williams show/Screenshot

After Roseanne Barr attacked an African American former Obama aide by claiming she looks like the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby, Twitter converged into a sea of condemnation for the now-Trump-supporting TV star.

"Apart from being virulently racist," Irish pundit Liam Farrell tweeted, "what does this mean?"

Richelle Carey of Al Jazeera English, meanwhile, noted how differently Barr is treated from black athletes who protest police brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem.

CNN's Andrew Kaczynsk got a response from Barr after tweeting that the star is "making it really hard" for ABC to ignore her racist statements.

"It's a joke," Barr replied, but the KFILE journalist wasn't having it.

"I understand it's a joke," he responded, "but can you see why some people think comparing a black woman to Planet of the Apes might be racist and find the Muslim Brotherhood reference to be conspiratorial and Islamophobic?"

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