Bi-racial Ohio couple woke up to a lynched toy monkey, racist 'get out' comments spray painted on their house
The words spray painted on their home [ Photo: screen grab from video]

An Ohio family woke up to racial slurs spray painted on their home, reports News 5.

The bi-racial couple asked not be identified, but said they found a swastika sign on the garage door, a KKK symbol on the their sidewalk and even a stuffed animal monkey hanging from a tree in their front yard.

The couple has lived in the home for seven years, and said this is not the first time they experienced racism.

"We don't want to move. We worked so hard to get the house we wanted. We shouldn't have to move because some jerk has a problem with our skin color and us being together," the wife said.

Local police noted that the couple has not filed a police report in regards to the situation.

Watch below:

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