CNN analyst slams Trump for 'shooting himself in the foot' and warns there are only so many screw ups left
The host of 'The Laura Coates Show' on SiriusXM.

Legal Analyst, Laura Coates, blasted the Trump administration for their involvement and interjection into the Russian probe.

In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Coates said: "There are only so many times you could shoot yourself in the foot before you can no longer walk."

On Sunday, President Trump tweeted that the DOJ will officially look into the Russian probe.

Coates said that this time that "bullet" didn't connect for President Trump in the Muller investigation.

"This is why the issue where people are so annoyed with president of the United States is trying to interject himself into the Department of Justice because he doesn't want people to have a political aspiration or motivation, which is odd that he would ask for a petition and at the same time accuse the DOJ of having a politically motivated investigation and now interject politics into the investigation."

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