CNN highlights the bizarre circle of disinformation between Trump and Fox News
Donald Trump and Sean Hannity (Fox News/screen grab)

CNN host John King and White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny on Wednesday highlighted just how deep Donald Trump's conservative news echo chamber goes.

The president, King noted, has dubbed "these allegations that there was a spy planted in the Trump campaign" with the term "Spygate" — and claims "we're all using the term."

"We are not all using it," Zeleny noted from the White House lawn. "But when the president says a lot of people are saying it, he's true in one respect — but that is people who are on one channel, one spectrum, if you will. Those are many of his advisers, including some who work for Fox News."

"Sean Hannity is essentially an adviser to this president," the correspondent continued. "So some spectrums are calling it 'Spygate,' but that was coined by the president."

Zeleny said that it felt like deja vu listening to the president speak earlier on Wednesday as he once again took a "potential rumor or factoid and turned it into a days-long conspiracy theory."

"This is classic Donald Trump, throwing a lot of things out there, trying to validate what is already in the ether there," the correspondent said, later noting that "it's clear he's using a variety of rumors, conspiracy theories and his own facts to fit his version of events."

Watch below, via CNN: