CNN panel blows up after Trump apologist calls Sam Bee's Ivanka joke worse than Roseanne's racism
Joan Walsh, Steve Cortes -- screenshot

CNN National Affairs Correspondent Joan Walsh slammed former President Donald Trump aide Steve Cortes over his defense that the president does not have to denounce Roseanne Barr's racist "joke," with Cortes saying it is less offensive than TV comedian Sam Bee's derogatory comments about Ivanka Trump.

During an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, the two got into a shouting match as Cortez argued that there was a liberal "double standard" when it comes to consequences over demeaning comments.

"There is a double standard at play. There clearly is. Roseanne was fired, and she should have been fired, what she said was reprehensible. However, Samantha Bee said something probably even worse, and so far, no sanction on her. No sanction right now on her. This is the double standard the left plays," Cortes said.

However, Walsh said that the president of the United States should be held to a higher standard and said that instead of apologizing for Barr's comments, the president is actually asking for people to apologize to him.

"He needs to get thicker skin. He is asking for apologies for things that are about policy. Yes, people have used some tough language, but rather than facing a crisis of racism in our country that he has helped promote, he's demanding an apology --a whiny bully," she said.

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