CNN pundit calls BS on 'pro-life' supporter who defends Trump’s White House against 'dying' McCain comments
Steve Cortes, CNN's Anderson Cooper and Paul Begala (Photo: Screen capture)

The White House has extended Kelly Sadler'a comments about Sen. John McCain into its 5th day because the Trump administration refuses to apologize.

Former advisor to President Bill Clinton, Paul Begala and Former Trump Campaign Operative Steve Cortes debated in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Begala said the comments at the core were morally wrong. In defense, Cortes attempted to argue that morals are not always measurable and compared Trump's abortion views to Barack Obama's, who Cortes said allowed abortion up until 9 months of pregnancy.

"If you are going to sit in judgment of Donald Trump, moral judgment of him, then it is important that you realize that you supported a president who supports abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy. Let's be clear, about the policies," Cortes said.

This argument did not go over well with Begala.

"As a pro-life person, you must be really astoundingly offended that they are mocking a man who is fighting for his life. Right?" Begala said.

Watch below: