CNN’s Chris Cuomo crushes Trump apologist for comparing Trump’s porn star affair to same-sex marriage
CNN's Chris Cuomo -- screenshot

Former Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci on Friday ineptly tried to defend the president's handling of the Stormy Daniels affair by citing former President Barack Obama.

During an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Scaramucci said that American society needed to "evolve" on the issue of accepting politicians who cheat on their wives just as Obama once evolved to fully support same-sex marriage.

"We have a cultural movement now to where we accept marriage equality," Scaramucci said. "We should have a cultural movement again where public officials should be left alone in their personal lives to do what they do."

Cuomo seemed taken aback that Scaramucci would compare the struggle to legalize same-sex marriage with President Donald Trump giving a porn star hush money and then lying about it.

"Anthony, the Obama example about marriage equality, that has nothing to do with paying off a porn star to keep quiet about an alleged affair," Cuomo said.

Cuomo then pointed out to Scaramucci that this sort of lying isn't just a one-off instance, but part of a much broader pattern. He cited the Trump team blatantly lying in 2016 about Melania Trump's speech being plagiarized from a Michelle Obama speech as an example, and he noted that the campaign only admitted the truth when completely cornered on it by the press.

"They lied about it, and credibility matters," Cuomo said.

Watch the video below.