CNN's Jake Tapper defends his facial expressions when Trump officials feed him 'unrepentant BS'
CNN's Jake Tapper and The View's Sunny Hostin

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday replied to critics who say his reactions during live TV hits with Donald Trump administration are “editorializing” and prove a “bias” at CNN, telling The View he can’t help but react “when I hear unrepentant BS coming my way.”

“This is just my face,” Tapper joked. “Tell them to stop saying those things and my face will go back to normal!”

Sunny Hostin noted that some people view Tapper’s facial expressions and occasional rebuke of the Trump administration’s lies as “editorializing.”

Tapper argued he’s “absolutely biased against lies” and is “100 percent against” indecent behavior.

Pointing to Sen. John McCain (R-CA), whose daughter Meghan McCain sits on the panel, Tapper called out Trump’s claim that McCain was not a war hero because he was captured.

“That’s indecent,” Tapper said. “That’s an indecent thing to say. We revere our service members and we revere our POW’s and that’s just how adults behave.”

Watch below, via ABC: