Condoleezza Rice says breaking Iran nuclear deal 'won't be the end of the world'
Condoleezza Rice speaks to Bloomberg TV (screen grab)

Former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday argued that critics of President Donald Trump should not complain about the U.S. breaking a deal that prevents Iran from having nuclear weapons because it "won't be the end of the world."

During an interview with Bloomberg TV, Rice was asked if she supported Trump's decision to renege on the deal, which was negotiated by President Barack Obama's administration.

"I did not support that agreement," Rice explained. "I felt that it was an agreement that gave the Iranians too much at a time when I think we had the upper hand and could have gotten much more."

"I wouldn't have signed the agreement," the former Bush administration official said. "But I have said I would have probably stayed in it because once you're in an agreement, you don't want to send a signal the United States just turns its back on agreements."

Rice added: "But it won't be the end of the world."

Watch the video below from Bloomberg TV.