Conservative explains why Sessions won't quit: Defending Trump has given him 'high tolerance for humiliation'
This file photo from July shows former FBI deputy Andrew McCabe, right, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. (AFP/File / ALEX WONG)

President Donald Trump on Wednesday once again publicly humiliated Attorney General Jeff Sessions by angrily tweeting that he wished he'd picked someone else to run the Department of Justice.

Trump has not been shy about ripping into his own attorney general for not doing enough to investigate his political foes. Earlier this year, Trump on Twitter told his followers to ask Sessions — whose name the president initially misspelled as “Jeff Session” — why Democrats weren’t being investigated for “crimes” related to Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

And last summer, Trump called Sessions “beleaguered” and “weak” because he was not sufficiently investigating former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

Given this constant stream of humiliation, many might wonder why Sessions bothers to stay on his job at all. Conservative writer Leon Wolf, who works as an editor at The Blaze, theorizes that campaigning for Trump in 2016 and defending even his most repulsive statements has left Sessions essentially immune from embarrassment and shame.

"The problem here for Trump is that anyone who defended Trump all the way through the 2016 campaign has already demonstrated a very high tolerance for humiliation," Wolf writes. "Once you've gone on national TV and defended 'I just grab them by the p***y,' being criticized on Twitter by your boss is pretty small potatoes, after all."