'You create a killing field': Security expert destroys the NRA-supported idea of schools with one door
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who security experts say has a plan to create "killing fields" inside schools/Screenshot

Is the solution to school shootings to retrofit American schools so they have a single entrance and exit?

The NRA and Texas' Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick both think so, with Patrick blaming too many doors for the shooting at a high school in Santa Fe which killed 10.

"Maybe we need to design schools like other infrastructure where you can only go in and out one door," Patrick told Fox News. "That might mean changing the way we think about school kids don't come all at one time but staggered."

But what if a shooter neutralized the security force at that one entrance? Couldn't they then possibly shoot hundreds of trapped people?

The Washington Post interviewed three security experts about the single-door plan. Arnette F. Heintze of Chicago-based Hillard Heinze the security firm said this is a terrible idea.

“You can’t have one exit and entrance for 1,400 people,” Heintze said. “Then you create a killing field for someone."

Heintze said that better security starts with identifying threats.

“What I’d hate for America to do is get distracted by feeling there is a failure in school security design,” he said. “It’s our society and how we don’t pay attention to signs and behaviors of individuals who are on the path to violence. … You can’t put armed guards at every school entrance in America; it’s not going to happen. It’s educating our society about those behaviors.”

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