'He doesn't deserve apologies': The View stomps out Trump's whiny demand for apologies from ABC
'The View's' Sunny Hostin talks about the Trump White House (Screen cap).

The hosts of ABC's "The View" were none too impressed with President Donald Trump's demand for a formal apology from their network.

Reacting to Trump's tweet attacking ABC for having news and entertainment personalities who criticize him, co-host Sunny Hostin explained why no one owes the president anything resembling an apology.

"If he's looking for an apology, I'd like him to apologize for what he's said about Haiti," she said. "I'd like for him to apologize for him calling Haiti a s-hole country -- that is the country of origin of my husband and my children. I'd like him to apologize for the lackluster, despicable response for Puerto Rico that led to the deaths of over 4,500 people... I want those apologies, and I think until he leads by example, he doesn't deserve apologies."

Meghan McCain, who typically defends Republicans and conservatives on the show, couldn't help but agree with Hostin that Trump isn't owed any apologies. However, she added that the president's bad behavior isn't an excuse for everyone to behave as he does.

"This is an administration that's not capable of apologizing on their end," she said. "We should all try to be the example that they are not giving us, and don't get gaslit into taking your eyes off what's really important."

Watch the video below.