Donald Trump's best friend has been grilled by Mueller probe: report
Donald Trump and Tom Barrack/Screenshot

Tom Barrack is one name you haven't heard pop up in the Mueller probe—until now.

The New York real estate developer is Donald Trump's best friend—the two men have partied together, and according to Michael Wolff's tell-all book Fire and Fury, Trump begged Barrack to join him as Chief of Staff only to be turned down because Barrack didn't want to untangle his business dealings. "I'm just too rich," Barrack reportedly said.

Barrack is a close confidant of the president, talking with him frequently on the phone. Barrack is also a believer in Trump's better angels, having said that we would see “a softer, kinder” Trump after the election.

“He’s one of the kindest, and actually most humble, friends that I’ve had,” Barrack once said. “I have so much respect for him because at this point in his career, wandering into the milieu was not easy, and he’s changed the dialogue of the debate.”

Now, the Associated Press is reporting that the Mueller probe has interviewed Barrack.

"Barrack has rare access and insight into Trump going back decades," the report says. "Barrack played an integral role in the 2016 campaign as a top fundraiser at a time when many other Republicans were shunning the upstart candidate. Barrack later directed Trump’s inauguration."

It wasn't clear what Barrack was asked about.