Ex-aides to GOP lawmaker say he made them his personal 'gofers' -- and forced them to clean up dog sh*t
Rep. Tom Garrett Jr. (R-VA).

A Virginia Republican lawmaker is being accused by former aides of treating them as his own personal servants by making them run errands that even include cleaning up dog feces.

Politico reports that ex-aides to Rep. Tom Garrett Jr. (R-VA) say that the congressman and his wife would regularly order them to perform menial errands, including grocery shopping, dry cleaning, and pet care.

"We became their gofers," one frustrated former staff member tells Politico.

One particular grievance staffers expressed to Politico was the fact that the Garretts would regularly bring their pet dog with them into the office and expect the staff to babysit it throughout the day even as they left the office to attend to other business.

"Several aides said the couple would sometimes seem to forget the dog was in the office," the publication writes. "One source said the dog occasionally defecated on the floor and aides had to clean up the mess."

The aides say that they feared to call out the Garretts' requests as inappropriate because both the congressman and his wife have "explosive" tempers, according to Politico.

While Garrett's office is denying allegations, Politico's sources say that his abuse of staffers was what led this week to the departure of chief of staff Jimmy Keady.