Ex-Trump aide interviewed by Mueller explains why the president should fear the special counsel: 'My advice is stay away'
Michael Caputo (Screen Capture)

Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo publicly warned President Donald Trump about special counsel Robert Mueller during a Wednesday interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

"Tonight, someone who just went up against Robert Mueller's team and what he learned about the case that Mueller might already have," Cooper noted. "Michael Caputo has a lot to say about that and how the special counsel's investigation compares with the house and senate probes."

"Based on your interview today, how much does Mueller's team know, do you think?" the AC360 host asked.

"Well, I think the Mueller team knew more about what I did in 2016 than I did myself and I think they know more about the Trump campaign than anyone who ever worked there," Caputo answered. "These guys have got every single email, anything that's ever gone down, and they're clearly focused on trying to identify some Russian collusion."

Caputo likened the interview to "a proctology appointment with a very large-handed doctor."

The former campaign advisor offered counsel to President Trump.

"Now that you've had a little bit of time to reflect on the experience, do you think the president should be worried?" Cooper asked.

"I think the president shouldn't go anywhere near this, I think it's, in a lot of ways, a trap," Caputo argued. "My advice, after being through it, is stay away."

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