Ex-Trump staffer apologizes to America after he allows killing of hibernating bears and their cubs
A.J. Delgado and Donald Trump (Twitter)

Former Donald Trump transition advisor A.J. Delgado apologized to America for helping elect the commander-in-chief after the Department of Interior announced that the National Park Service is seeking to rescind a ban on shooting hibernating bears and their cubs.

Tuesday evening, NBC News reported on the dismantling of the fair chase regulations, noting that the rule change would allow "baiting brown bears with bacon and doughnuts and using spotlights to shoot mother black bears and cubs hibernating in their dens."

NBC reported that rule would also allow people to "hunt black bears with dogs, kill wolves and pups in their dens, and use motor boats to shoot swimming caribou."

Delgado retweeted NBC News with her apology.

Delgado was a prominent Trump defender on cable news during the 2016 election.

Following the campaign, it was revealed that Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller fathered a love child with Delgado during the campaign. Miller is married and also fathered a second child with his wife during the same period.

The Trump transition announced that Miller would be the White House communications director, a post he stepped down from before even starting, with a Christmas Eve announcement that he wanted to spend more time with his family. The announcement came only two days after his appointment.

Also on Tuesday evening, Delgado discussed her former sweetheart.

Right-wing radio host and MSNBC anchor Hugh Hewitt recommended that Trump "draft" Jason Miller to join the White House communications team.

Delgado had a harsh analysis of Hewitt's suggestion.

"Oh you rambling fool, Miller will be tied up in lawsuits for much of this administration’s term and already disgraced himself out of a WH job," Delgado argued. "Stop pushing your buddy - it’s about as smart as your trenchcoat ban."

Delgado was referencing Hewitt's widely-mocked proposal to ban trench coats after the school shooting in Sante Fe, Texas.

The former transition advisor said she hasn't become jaded and bitter, but the Make America Great Again movement has.