Failed GOP candidate Don Blankenship to make third party bid in West Virginia
Former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship (Ranforest Action Network/Flickr)

Don Blankenship, who lost his bid to win the Republican nomination in the West Virginia U.S. Senate primary, just announced he will re-enter the race in a third party bid. Blankenship is best known for spending a year in jail after one of his mines exploded, causing the deaths of 29 miners. He placed the name on the Obama administration.

Blankenship also waged a racist campaign, during which he called Black people "Negroes," and Asians "China people." He also attacked Senate Majority leader Mitch KMcConnell as "Cocaine Mitch."

But Blankenship's criminal behavior and offensive remarks aren't even his biggest problems at the moment.

West Virginia has a "sore loser" law, banning those who lost a primary race to re-enter the race via another party, or as an independent.

Blankenship will run as the Constitution Party nominee.

If he does overcome that obstacle, he will all but hand the race to Democrat Joe Manchin.