Florida high school says their hands are tied after a student's racist gun video goes viral: 'These things happen'
Screengrab of a Florida high school student shooting a BB gun while yelling racial slurs.

The principal of a high school in Florida's capitol is calling a video of one of his students shooting a BB gun and using racial slurs while driving a "civil matter" because it was recorded off-campus.

Tallahassee's WCTV reported that Chiles High School Principal Joe Burgess spoke to the student — seen in the video shooting the pellet gun while talking about attacking "n*ggers" and driving — and claimed to have taken "appropriate disciplinary measures."

"You know," Burgess told WCTV, "if you have enough students and enough people you have things happen."

The report noted that this isn't the first time Chiles High has been at the center of racial strife. Last year, the school was scandalized after students were seen flying Confederate flags from the back of their trucks and was the subject of anonymous threats hours after the incident went viral. Chiles has since banned all but the American flag from the school.

In an email to parents, Burgess said the school investigated the video and found that "there was no threat to our campus at any time."

You can watch the disturbing video below: